I believe strongly that it is our responsibility to give more than we take. That it is an honor to contribute in ways only we can to our community. We all have something to offer. We each have special talents and gifts that can feed into the lives of others. With that in mind, 144 Stitches believes in Give Back Programs and working with brands that feed and seed into the community.


After reading an article about Chase The Chill in the Huffington Post, Michele decided it was time to get involved. Having twice been homeless and in need herself, this hit home. But how much can one do from a small studio in Chicago Suburbs? LOTS with the help of friends and social media. After putting out the call to friends, 144 Stitches launched Share The Cozy and hats and scarves are now distributed to those in need in Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Cranston,  Charlotte, NC, and several other cities.  You can read more about it on the blog here. If you want to get involved, you can. You can purchase a hat or scarf to be donated or contribute here


In partnership with Halos of Hope, for every hat sold from 144 Stitches, a chemo cap is also made for Halos of Hope.  Halos of Hope delivers chemo caps to cancer patients at over 400 treatment centers nationwide. It is an honer to be part of their community providing a little comfort to someone's day.  Read the story of this partnership here.

After a successful partnership for several years, Halos of Hope has gone on Hiatus and Michele has shifted focus to Share The Cozy.