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The Back Story.


144 Stitches is a dream come true but truly only the beginning. It is my vision & way to share my passion. Since childhood, I’ve always loved fiber and texture. With deep New York City roots, I’m a rough around the edges goofball who discovered joy and happiness in a ball of yarn and am on a mission to get the world into handmade cozy one stitch at a time.

For me, creating handmade fiber products is a deeply intimate & personal process. More than just the stitching, I take careful consideration when sourcing the raw material for each design. Before deciding on which fiber or material will be used for any design or creation, I think about how it will be worn and how will the finished product meet my needs and yours.

I have always bucked the system a little and been a rebel in my own way. So of course my design process is not standard and flows from what inspires me. I am most inspired by architecture and my surroundings. Places I have been or dreamed I would go. People I have met who have left an impression, a mark on my life often find their way into a design. Sometimes designs come together seamlessly and sometimes it is a long and laborious process. Whichever it is, each customer can be assured the final piece was made with personal dedication, putting love and care into crafting every stitch by hand and every step of the process.

In 2017 I took another step and began my journey as a fiber community leader focusing on my blog and designs. I created a design program to elevate other designers paying forward the grace and welcome the industry had shown me. I also founded Stitch Up Chicago, and later, Stitch Up Events which is a community driven annual event for fiber enthusiasts. A place to come, learn, share and be inspired.

In 2019 I made the very hard decision to close the retail side of 144 Stitches and shift my full focus to my designs work and community programs and events. It was not easy to say goodbye. I have had customers with me since the beginning and I have made things that have become part of their family story. But it is the right decision and I am overwhelmed by the support I have received.

So while 144 Stitches, The Knitwear Brand has closed that chapter, I am still here designing and stitching my way to a cozy community.

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The Inspiration.


I have been very blessed to travel the world meeting amazing people and discovering incredible places and sights. I draw a lot of inspiration from the many places I’ve been and people I have met along the way. This is why many of my designs are named for places or a memory that inspired that design or that moment captured in a texture.

Another one of my biggest inspirations for it all; chasing my dreams, helping others succeed with the launch of my blog and speaking to small business owners, and making everyday count as much as it can are my grandparents. They are both gone, but they are still ever present and the lessons they taught me continue to guide me in business and in life. I proudly named this creative vision after them. Find out more about the meaning behind 144 Stitches on my Blog here.

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The Collaborations.

In an unexpected but incredible blessing, I have been able to work closely and directly with yarn companies worldwide to source the best and highest quality offerings while maintaining focus on fair trade and sustainable fibers. Additionally, I’ve collaborated on exclusive designs and patterns working directly with companies such as Manos Del Uruguay, We Are Knitters, Wool And The Gang, Universal Yarns, Lion Brand and Betta Knit among others.

Another passion of mine is to support the indie dyer community and sheep - to - garment movement. I work closely with various independent yarn dyers as well and publish Free Patterns on the Stitch & Hustle Blog.


The Reviews.

The truth is that sometimes I have to pinch myself and make sure this is all real. Could this dream be my reality? It is amazing and makes me work that much harder. It is incredibly humbling and I am grateful to have loyal fans & customers from all over the world. I have customers who have been with me since I first opened my shop on Etsy as well as my designs are also a favorite in Hollywood, beloved by celebrities including Kristen Johnston, Leah Remini, Melissa Gorga as well the designer Isaac Mizrahi, who’s line of stunning yarn was the focus of my 2015 collection, fittingly titled “Isaac.”  My patterns have appeared in and on the cover of crochet industry magazines. Even as I typed that it seems unreal. I am deeply grateful.

Most of all though, I was a featured artist in the Etsy Pavilion at the 2013 Chicago One Of A Kind Show and invited back to be a full display artist since, having my work featured in the fashion show each year as well. I was also asked to speak at their event for other handmade small business owners. That was the highlight. A chance to pay it forward and share what I have learned on this incredible journey. Below are a few of my reviews and accolades.

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